Computer Classes

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Emu Park Lions members have been honing their computer skills over the past few months with computer courses at the Shack.

So far quite a few members have attended and learned new skills or brushed up on old ones relating to various computer aspects. The first series was basic filing and backing up of the information on the computer.

The intention of this project is to allow our member to gain skills in computering at thier own pace.

Members Ken, Frank, Rob, Karen, Maurie, Bernadette at Saturday computer classes. Leader for the classes is Rob.
Members Ken and Frank (seated) look like they would be more at home with a fishing line in one hand and stubby in the other. Today it was mouse and keyboard though, with lessons in how to setup the computer for email and then sending and receiving emails.A local area network has been setup with internet access so it is as real as it gets. Actual email accounts on a real server, real emails sent and recieved. Pretty impressive for a couple of guys who are starting from scratch!
It has been interesting times for the members who have attended so far. After several weeks of serious stuff, its on to some more fun stuff with digital photography being the focus.Members arrived at the class and were handed a digital camera and sent out to get a few shots around the shack. After that was done they learned several methods to download the images from the camera to the computer. From here it was learning how to make changes to the pictures.Ken managed to take a photo of the shack and remove all the verandah supports. Not a bad effort for a first try. From here it will be learning how to remove unwanted objects in photo and adjusting the colours and contrast.

The classes are open to any member of a local Lions club and are held each Saturday in the Emu Park Lions shack. Contact Rob

You are welcome to attend if you are a Lions club member.

A network of up to six computers is setup each week for the lessons. It is a real network with connection to the internet.

So far we have covered the following areas:-
– How to setup a computer
– Ergonomics of the work area
– Overview of computer parts
– Difference between memory and storage
– Starting and turning off the computer
– Different operating system software
– What is data and file
– Working with files and backing up as well as working with a copy
– Different techniques for copying and moving files
– Opening and closing programs
– Introduction to Word Processing with Microsoft Word
– How to setup and email account with Outlook Express
– How to test your email account
– Structure of an email address and basic “how a server works”
– How to write address, add a subject line and send an email
– How to receive an email
– Adding attachments to an email and correct photo sizing for emails
– Simple way to attach files to emails using the “send to” function
– How to download digital cameras of different types with Windows wizard
– Downloading digital camera as an “Attached Storage Device”
– Viewing digital photos with software program
– Saving and organizing digital photos with software program
– Touching up photos
– Removing parts of photos and touching up with the clone tool.