Emu Park Lions Markets

Emu Park Picnic Markets are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month in Bell Park, Hill Street, Emu Park starting at 8 am and closing at 12 noon.

Emu Park Picnic Markets have over a hundred stalls providing a wide range of new and used goodies.  We have all the usual market bargains like fresh produce, plants, preserves, craft, novelty items, art, and woodwork.

You can find a unique present for a special person in your life and solve the problem of what to buy that “hard to buy for” person.   Some people have even been seen buying things like fishing gear and the like just for themselves.  Other people come each month to top up their fresh produce direct from our local growers and to buy a plant for their garden which comes with top advice on how to care for your new treasure.

After you have found your bargains you can enjoy a quet cup of chai tea or have a relaxing massage or even have your fortune told.

Another option for the less laid-back would be a freshly cooked juicy hamburger or a bacon and egg sandwich served up by the Emu Park Kindy crew. (We promise it won’t taste like a food chain burger) Follow that up with a cup of the best coffee on the coast and then stay on to listen to the fantastic foot tapping live music provide by our talented local musicians.

If you still have more energy, you can go back into the fray and find something really nice and original to wear for yourself and the kids or perhaps discover a great used book to read in the afternoon.

If you would like to be a seller it is essential to book a site in advance by calling 0407 178 011. Sites are available from $20.

All profits from the markets, which are run by Emu Park Lion’s volunteers – with the support of the council – go to local charities and to the maintenance and care of Bell Park facilities.

If you have any queries or wish to make a stall booking, please phone the co-ordinator on 0417 178 011 .

2011 Market Dates. Check the third Sunday each month!

Early in the morning the crowd begins to gather. Don’t leave it too late or you may miss out on some great bargains on fresh fruit and vegetables from regular vendors. (Photos courtesy of Rob Tait)

Sometimes the unusual. This day we had an interesting statue in the park… or did we. Many children walked by with eyes turned to see if the fugure really moved. Of course it did since the lifelike statue was really an actor on site for the day to add to the colour of the market day.
If you had a yearning for the unusual, you could have dropped in and heard a real digeridoo demonstration. Actual digeridoos were for sale along with other interesting souvinir items. If you were willing to spend a little more you can order a heavy boomerang made from a bent tree root and laborously carved into shape. I was assured that many hours went into the making of each piece. Digeridoos are made from real tree trunks hollowed out by bush termites.
Ahh… to relax and take a moment rest with a delicious smoko or lunch from the food vendors and listen to a little music. Artists booked for the markets have included a great range of talents with all sorts of music.If you feel you would like to perform on market day, please contact the co-ordinator.On each market regular stalls are catering to your hunger with hamburgers, donuts, coffee, and even ice creams. You can make this a real day out with your family with lunch in the park before you head home with all your “bargains”.