Markets Booking

Our Market Coordinator prefers that you use the phone contact to make your market booking.

Please call  0407 178 011

Please leave a message if the phone is not attended and your call will be returned. Allow up to 3 days for a reply.

For Late bookings you can only make contact by calling the phone (0417 178 011) and leaving a message. If you leave your message after the Friday prior to the market you may not be able to get a booking.

You can fill the form below to request a site  at the market.  The coordinator will call you to confirm the booking. NB. You are not booked until you get a return call for confirmation.

It is a condition of attendance of this market to have insurance.
Please read the conditions below the form.

Please do not use this form later than 4:00PM on the Sunday prior to the market. Messages after this time may not be read.

Your Name

Your Email (required)

Contact Phone (Home and/or mobile)

(Please remember, if we need to call you on a mobile phone, precious funds are paid to Telstra.)

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Site size required: (Required)

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I have current market seller insurance.

I understand that filling this form does not guarantee a booking. I have read and accept the terms of this online booking.

Please make sure before you submit this form you have entered all your contact information accurately. we will be unable to contact you to confirm your booking if you provide incorrect information. Upon submitting this form you should receive a copy of the information you have provided. If you do not, it may mean your email address is incorrect.

Terms and Conditions

Filling the booking form does not automatically mean you have a confirmed booking. The market coordinator will call you to confirm your booking. Please ensure you have correctly filled out the contact details on the form so our coordinator can contact you. If you do not get a confirmation, then you are NOT booked in to the market.

It is a requirement of attendance at the markets as a seller, that you have appropriate indemnity and public liability insurance to protect you against litigation. The organizers of the markets and the Livingstone Council DO NOT cover any liability on your behalf. Many insurance vendors will cover this activity. Some options include the following. NB:- We in no way endorse any of these organizations, this information is to assist you in your needs. Your own insurance company can most likely provide suitable cover for your market activities.

AAMI Market Stall Insurance

The Market Stallholders Register

Markets and Fairs

Markets Online


There are procedures in place to ensure a good market day experience. It is essential that you ensure that your booking is properly registered well in advance of each market day. If you find you will be unable to attend on the day, please call and let us know. No show sellers’ booked sites will be re-allocated after 7:30am. If you arrive late you may be required to take a different site if one is available. Failure to notify us of inability to attend will forfeit permanent positions after two months. You will then be required to take another site if available and there is no guarantee you will ever be able to return to the original site.

All payments are to be made at the vendor entry gate. This allows us to streamline the market experience for everyone. No longer will we be interrupting your marketing flow during the morning.

We really appreciate sellers who have the correct money as this speeds up the entry for everyone. If you do not need to enter the grounds to unload and set up, we would ask that you still come via the gate and make your payment.