Breakfast Meeting


8:00 am - 9:30 am


The Shack
1 Hill Street, Emu Park, 4710

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All members and their families are welcome to come and enjoy breakfast with everyone at the shack.

Join Us for an Important Talk with Keith Patten!

We welcome Keith Patten, our guest speaker, who will be giving an insightful talk on Suicide Prevention. Keith’s talks are renowned for being deeply engaging and informative, offering valuable perspectives on this crucial topic.

About Suicide Prevention: Suicide prevention is a critical area of public health that focuses on reducing the incidence of suicide through a variety of strategies. These strategies can include increasing awareness and understanding of mental health issues, promoting early intervention and treatment for those at risk, and fostering supportive environments both in the community and through professional services.

Some key components of effective suicide prevention include:

  • Education and Awareness: Providing information about the signs and symptoms of suicidal behavior and how to respond can empower individuals to take action and offer support.
  • Mental Health Support: Encouraging individuals to seek help and access mental health services can play a significant role in preventing suicide.
  • Community Support: Building strong, supportive networks in communities can help individuals feel connected and valued, reducing feelings of isolation.
  • Crisis Intervention: Having resources like crisis hotlines and emergency services available can provide immediate help to those in urgent need.

Keith Patten will delve into these topics and more, providing practical advice and strategies for recognizing and responding to signs of suicide, as well as sharing stories and insights from his extensive experience in the field.