COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As the world Covid-19 virus pandemic gets closer to us, we have to take the advice of government health officials. Please be very careful not to spread untrue or misleading information. Fact check everything you post on social media or pass on to your acquaintances or friends.

For up to the date information on this matter we suggest you head to this website.

As much as possible we urge our members to isolate from contact with others in our community regardless of the likelihood of an infection vector. We are all in the higher risk category and as such are likely to get quite sick if we get infected. As time goes by opinions may change and adjust, but try to not panic and be ever vigilant. Certainly reach out to other members via telephone.

The hard decision has been made not much longer than a week ago to postpone the Festival of the wind. A new date will be dependent on government advice. Obviously it has been an extreme disappointment to be taking this action but we have no other option.

It is not known right now if Oktoberfest will go ahead or not. We will keep you posted as we have updates on what crowd limits are expected to be in place by October this year. Our prime minister has already suggested we will be affected “at least” six months from now.

I won’t reiterate the measures you should take to minimize the risks to yourself. By now you will have heard all this at least 1,000 times. OK I know, my mum told me a million times not to exaggerate. It does seem we have heard it often but it is important.

If you wish to review the suggested measures then follow the link above to the official Australian Government Health website.