COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As the world Covid-19 virus pandemic gets closer to us, we have to take the advice of government health officials. Please be very careful not to spread untrue or misleading information. Fact check everything you post on social media or pass on to your acquaintances or friends.

For up to the date information on this matter we suggest you head to this website.

As much as possible we urge our members to isolate from contact with others in our community regardless of the likelihood of an infection vector. We are all in the higher risk category and as such are likely to get quite sick if we get infected. As time goes by opinions may change and adjust, but try to not panic and be ever vigilant. Certainly reach out to other members via telephone.

The hard decision has been made not much longer than a week ago to postpone the Festival of the wind. A new date will be dependent on government advice. Obviously it has been an extreme disappointment to be taking this action but we have no other option.

It is not known right now if Oktoberfest will go ahead or not. We will keep you posted as we have updates on what crowd limits are expected to be in place by October this year. Our prime minister has already suggested we will be affected “at least” six months from now.

I won’t reiterate the measures you should take to minimize the risks to yourself. By now you will have heard all this at least 1,000 times. OK I know, my mum told me a million times not to exaggerate. It does seem we have heard it often but it is important.

If you wish to review the suggested measures then follow the link above to the official Australian Government Health website.


In the days when acronyms and catchy social media phrases take off at light speed. I heard of one recently termed wish-cycling. This is when one places an item in the recycle bin in the secret hope that the people who deal with recyclable material will get it to right place.

Empty plastic drinking bottles ready for recycling.

Sadly this may not be the case, but the news is not always bad. we now have the opportunity together to make a new term. Gift-cycling can become the new way for community organizations to raise money to do good in their community. If we tackle the containers return as well as South Australia we can reap some serious cash, 10 cents at a time.

All you need to do is keep every eligible drink container, bag it up and drop it off. Put the name of you participating group (we hope it will be Emu Park Lions),

on each bag when you take it to a recycle center and you know your gift will benefit a lot of people.

Emu Park Lions club has now registered and you can now simply write out name on your returns and that’s it. As usual every cent raised by Lions is directed to the many projects around the world that the Lions are involved with. We thank everyone in advance for their donation of eligible drink containers.

In Emu Park you can drop to the recycling point at the SES grounds on Tuesday and Thursday.


The happy crowd at Oktoberfest 2019

Oktoberfest 2019 was one of the best ever. Hundreds of visitors descended on Emu Park to forget about the everyday and celebrate in the German way. Music was the order of the day with some great local talents in the early afternoon. Later though the Kalendar band blasted out the fun music.

Chicken Dances were frequent during the after as were the German toasts. Novelty acts and yodeling competitions entertained everyone including the participants.

The Kalendar band have now been visiting Emu park for around 34 years and have never been more popular. As the day wears on into night they ease into many very popular rock classics. The dancing energy is relentless. Even when the band takes a break the dancers continue.

2020 date has already been set and the Lions club are already planning the day. If you enjoyed this year you are sure to enjot next year. If all goes well there might be a few surprises.

Tommy Trombone

The Singing Ship – Emu Park

It’s been a hot day. Some people would probably say very hot.

I headed off to the Emu Park singing ship for a bit of a sea change. When I arrived there was a very welcome breeze. It was quite a bit cooler and very refreshing. Almost like walking into an air conditioned shopping centre.

Intentional mistake right here. Today the singing ship is alive. Singing it’s song of so many years, and loud for all to enjoy. Although meant to remind us of the wind in the rigging of an old sailing ship, I today it is more a church organ recital. The chords progress up and down a windy scale from high to low and back again. Every now and then there are some nice pleasing low notes.

This monument nearly did not make it to our little park on the hill. The original vision was at another scene. Eventually with a lot of very hard work by many people it has become an icon for all who visit the capricorn coast.

More info.http://

Bell Park Picnic Markets – A Beaut Day Out at the Coast

Every third Sunday thousands of people flock to the Emu Park Markets. Generally the weather is great and families and visitors alike can have a great day out.

Some people like to come and browse around looking for gifts that you can’t buy in the shops. Others get here early to grab some of the freshest fruit the area has to offer. Continue reading “Bell Park Picnic Markets – A Beaut Day Out at the Coast”


Emu Park Lions clubs spearheaded a project to install open space fitness equipment in Emu park. Funding from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund has made this ambitious project come to fruition.

The new gym equipment is proving to be popular with Emu Park Locals

An active healthy lifestyle is essential to better health, longevity and enjoyment of life.  Rates of  obesity and associated cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and many other associated diseases, are on the rise. This can be a considerable cost to the community Continue reading “EMU PARK ENERGIZED!”

Oktoberfest is getting close.

The 34th Oktoberfest is well into the planning stage. The band has been confirmed and the date firmly set for 27th October 2018.

Groups are already telling us that they are getting prepared. We are expecting more people to turn out in costume than ever before. The costume shops are going to be short supply of Lederhosen and maid outfits so don’t leave your run too late.

If you require accommodation on the coast for this event, make sure you are booked early to avoid disappointment. Get in early as possible.

If you are one of our regular volunteers, or if you are willing to volunteer to help us this year, give us a call. We will be contacting our regulars very soon. New volunteers can approach any of our member with an expression of interest, or even use the contact form on our web site. There are usually some areas and time slots that fill quickly.

So there it is. We are getting closer and the well oiled organizers are looking forward to seeing a huge crowd this year. All the usual fun and if we can manage there just might be a few surprises. My lips are sealed.

Secret Oktoberfest Lion.