The happy crowd at Oktoberfest 2019

Oktoberfest 2019 was one of the best ever. Hundreds of visitors descended on Emu Park to forget about the everyday and celebrate in the German way. Music was the order of the day with some great local talents in the early afternoon. Later though the Kalendar band blasted out the fun music.

Chicken Dances were frequent during the after as were the German toasts. Novelty acts and yodeling competitions entertained everyone including the participants.

The Kalendar band have now been visiting Emu park for around 34 years and have never been more popular. As the day wears on into night they ease into many very popular rock classics. The dancing energy is relentless. Even when the band takes a break the dancers continue.

2020 date has already been set and the Lions club are already planning the day. If you enjoyed this year you are sure to enjot next year. If all goes well there might be a few surprises.

Tommy Trombone